And so I begin my journey.

And so I have stumbled upon the world of blogging. Here I’d like to introduce myself.

I am Vince. I am a corporate ladder kind of guy, the one you see squeezing into the train every morning and leaving the office late at night because I felt deadlines sitting on my shoulders like that Japanese ghost in the movies. Well, I used to be that guy. Then I decided to stop working and start living. So here on this blog are snippets of what I do, what interests me and things I find wonderful enough in their own ways to share them with you.

I’m just the average guy interested in extraordinary things. I have gone through moments like this:

Yes, I am over 30 and I 9gag. My future kids will find me cool.

I’m married to my best friend. We’re living in our first home we bought together and I’m hoping to have kids soon. If you’re wondering why, it’s because my body clock is counting down.


Actually, I’m a house-husband. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pulling my weight here, doing household chores, cleaning the place, making sure I eat all the food before they go bad. I’m also doing my own business online and it’s really great for us both. It’s just that my wifey doesn’t think she’s suited to the stay-at-home culture. I told her we could go hang outside, travel and all but she wants to work. She’s unlike me – I could stay home for a week and enjoy it.

I guess that’s why opposites attract, eh? =)

So in the posts to come, you’ll definitely hear from me talking about parenting, businesses, shopping and even food (my lady calls herself a foodie, I call myself a glutton), connect with me on my blog and hopefully we can start a discussion going somewhere.




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