The Travel Bug (Bear)

After checking out some travel blogs, I’m stoked. To travel!

The wifey & I have plans to head on out to Thailand once again – but this time it’s Bangkok. I’ve never been to Bangkok because a) I’ve never enjoyed shopping b) I’m more of a beach sort of traveler. Singapore doesn’t really have beaches to boast about. Of course there are other fun things to do here, but that’s not the point today.

I enjoy traveling alone. Not that I’m an unsociable creature or an introvert – I’ve always traveled without a care in the world. I’ve rode bikes illegally, watched an underground fight (and maybe won some money, I shan’t say), ate my way through one-tenth of a balut, getting drunk on the streets of Vietnam with new acquaintances, did couchsurfing, homestays. And it invigorated me. Okay maybe not the balut-eating part.

I love traveling light. I usually travel with just a waterproof 10L kayak bag. All I needed were:
– my facial foam (I’ve got sensitive skin, so sue me)
– 2 pairs of boxers
– a t-shirt
– a windbreaker
– travel documents and credit card, mobile phone.
– a good map

the rest I’ll buy, or pool money with other backpackers (I’m a backpacker, it still counts!). And that’s how traveling should be to me. No washing, no shopping, just buy what I need, and enjoy the ride.

With the wifey however, I need to check in luggage (which is always a good idea when she’s coming along), bring bags within my bags, toiletries and clean clothes. I can’t complain though. When we were in Bali, I actually used many of the stuff she brought along (that saved me some dough!).

While I’m looking forward to the Bangkok trip, here’s the bug bear – we are going with THREE of our mutual friends, each dragging their husbands along. AND I found out these men don’t drink, they don’t like beaches and best of all, they too have plans to shop.

MEN. SHOP. MEN SHOP?!?! It’s not that I hate shopping, but 1) the activity makes me poorer, 2) I have to try on stuff, 3) I have to carry the stuff I buy 4) there are too many shops to go to 5) I’ll probably not wear what I bought.

Fine, I dislike shopping. But I love to travel. Hmm, so where does this leave me then? Any ideas?

I couldn’t find the pictures of many of my travels and I’m quite lazy to snap shots (which I usually regret when I see beautiful travel photos on other blogs/social sites), Found just a couple of them below which I’m gladly sharing with you guys (it’s from my trip to Krabi)




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2 thoughts on “The Travel Bug (Bear)

  1. ^Lovely post! As for your Singapore ebook (sounds like it will be so fun to write!), I would be curious about a ton, as I’ve never been there, and haven’t heard much about it yet either! I am always wondering about the stories of people living there; there’s always so much to learn from those who live locally! This, and the culture that a typical family living there chooses to experience…from the restaurants to the events–whatever! (Basically what a typical guide book doesn’t have.) Are you thinking of adding photos? If so, street photos tell so much in one shot! Hope this helps and best of luck with such a great writing journey!

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