Blogging on the Go!

So here I am, just downloaded the WordPress app onto my awesome, laggy, battery-draining, Blackberry phone, blogging on the go.

I forgot my Kindle, so I’ve got not much choice now, do I?

This wordpress app looks simple here. Seems like we can actually do quite a number of things, and this impressed me.

Anyway, I’ve got an update to share. The Wifey just got promoted! And I’m actually on the way to meet her for a nice dinner in town, and also a break for myself. Been staring at the screen too long this week.

I’ve got a great pal working alongside me for the eBook we’re planning. My buddy Friz I met at a pub some years back during St. Pat’s day. He was and still is a crazy fella.

I mean, this guy’s a marketing guru, he’s worked as an emcee, a DJ, used to do dragonboating, and he’s working with big brands on their social media as a consultant. With all that going on, he’s still a humble guy. What surprised me was he got so excited about the ebook idea, he flung his hand and wiped out the whole jug on beer couple of days back. That jug was on him, of course.

And now we’re over the 20-page mark, with so much important information within, it felt like time flies so fast!

It’s true what they say, you know. No man is an island. It sucks at times working on your computer without some verbal banter going on, but with an awesome partner guiding the way, it’s a blast!

Ooh, my stop’s here! This post better go through, Blackberry!



3 thoughts on “Blogging on the Go!

  1. Congrats on the promotion! Good luck with your writing too! I have a short book that I just need to publish, and I am working on another, and have hit a wall at 20,000 words. Figured I need 80K. Think about it every day too! Hey thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that i will entertain you with all of my ramblings, photos and recipes!

  2. It’s exciting to hear about you finding a buddy to work with you on your ebook. You’re enthusiasm is tangible and gets me excited about a few of the projects I’ve been thinking of launching.

    Good luck with your book. I’d be curious to check it out when you’re done.

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