Food and Shopping – What more can you ask for?

So today we headed to the western part of Singapore, thinking we could buy our barbecue supply for next week’s grill-in. The train was jampacked, the station was even worse.

Maybe Justin Bieber and the Beliebers are here. Or Gaga’s little monsters.

But no. What was drawing in the crowd – a newly opened shopping mall.

I think it’s only been opened for less than a week, and so you’ve got opening promotion and sales, some giveaways, mascots and stuff all going on at the same time. One shop even had the lion dance coming in doing a routine that is believed to be auspicious.

That, and the latest ice-skating rink!

Now Singapore had 2 ice-skating rinks, and being a tropical country, that’s something exciting here. One’s in the eastern side (I’m still not sure if it’s operating today). The other one was on the compound this new shopping mall was built.

The new ring however, seems to be built for events, ice-hockey games and performances, which is surprising – how many ice hockey teams are there in SG? And where do they practice – in a huge fridge?

Aaaanyhoo. That’s the new olympic-sized attraction in the westside. Here’s something even more ginormous – my master plan to wriggle my way out of any future invites to a newly-opened shopping mall.

Love you, wifey!



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