An open mind always begin at a supermarket.

So you’ve heard about how Singapore is a restrictive country where there’s no freedom blah blah blah. Or maybe you haven’t heard that yet.

In all my years living abroad and traveling to different countries, I have to say Singapore is by far the best place to live in. It’s safe, secure and sensibly guarded. While there’s nothing here to boast about, there’s also no huge problems to face. You know a country is making progress when you see technological advancements, higher tolerance for the alternatives and a more vibrant approach towards an inclusive society. 

I am pleasantly surprised to note that a supermarket here has made great progress in keeping an open mind.


Growing up, I remember a 3rd grade teacher vividly. I used to tell her all about my pet dinosaurs and Jammey (my best friend who turned out to be imaginary). She always told when something’s too good to be true, it usually is, though she had no part to play in me finding out Jammey was imaginary (let’s just say I found that out on my own when I was undergoing hormonal changes and growth spurts). All my girlfriends said I was their first. Junior Masterchef have genius children who are totally able to cook up a storm without any help on the show. Ashton & Demi are the perfect couple to show age has nothing to do with love. Megan Fox is perfect.

And I have a strong, strong feeling $2.60 for 3 is definitely too good to be true.

It made for a good laugh, though.






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