3 tips before you go to the gym after a long break

I used to be an active guy – you know, skiing, playing football, doing circuits and the like. Physical activity always made me feel alive and positive. If you watch Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan would tell you an exercised dog is more positive and calm.

But venturing into my current work had made me lost sense of routineness to my life. I work the whole night, I sleep in the day, I do conference calls (in the comfort of shorts, but still) at the last minute, my social life shrunk and I cancelled on many fun outings that would’ve given me a break we all deserved.

So, after 2 years of not hitting the gym, I decided to yesterday. And here are 3 tips on gymming after a long hiatus:

1) Go for the lightest weight possible. It’s your first time after a long while, your body will ache madly no matter what you carry. If you want to remain mobile the day after, go light. It also helps you avoid injuring yourself.

2) Go with a buddy. I forgot a lot of what I stuck to back then – posture, breathing, form, etc. With a buddy who’s been gymming, he/she can remind you of these things that’ll keep you in one piece.

3) Buy new shorts if you’ve gained weight. I didn’t, and it tore. Thank god it tore on my last squat (I hope it was then!) And thank god for tights (which were really tight too.)

I’m staying away from that gym for about 3 weeks.



2 thoughts on “3 tips before you go to the gym after a long break

  1. I totally understand what you’re saying. I have been out of the gym for a few years, thanks to sciatic pain which I had a result of an injury. Someone passing a wisecrack in the gym when I was working my back hard. Ouch. Needless to say, the pounds came back on, and the benefit of protein shakes slid away with time. I am heading back to the gym this week too, but am staying away from the shakes and focusing on eating right.

    • Absolutely! I used to be that too, the shakes, amino acids and what not, and after quitting the gym (lol) for a couple of years, it felt so hard to do it. But hey, it felt brilliant to go back to the gym even for a light session, that I’m planning to do it again!

      Keep working mate, start again, like me! =)

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