What’s in a pen name?

I’m elated, estatic, overjoyed that we have completed the final draft of the eBook! We’ve spent 18 hours a day, everyday for the past 3 weeks to work on this. I’ve seen my co-author more than I see my wife. I’ve drank more coffee than I thought possible. And I’ve learned so much about this country through the research.

I’ve got to say, I didn’t know Singapore as much as Friz. As a guy who was born and bred here, this guy really knew places. Some I’ve heard but never been to, others I never knew existed. So the book content is mainly from my co-author’s experience and insider knowledge. Though we shared the whole process through, I was more of the research and images guy.

Now that the whole process had gone very well in this partnership and content of the eBook is set, we couldn’t agree on one simple thing: the pen name.

We plan to use just one pen name as the guide is written in first person. And we want the reference to the book to be as simple as possible. So I thought we could have a name like Jacob Cullen, marrying those two ridiculous Twilight characters together. Or maybe Stacy Austin Hart, bringing a threesome of our favourite WWF wrestlers back in the days. I personally like calling ourselves Tiger Sheen.

But we couldn’t agree on any of them.

In the end, after a long discussion (6 minutes) we’re going with Fritz Brown.

We’re not telling you why, though. =)



4 thoughts on “What’s in a pen name?

    • It’s in a format the ipad can read, but whether it’s on the ibookstore, that’s another thing (you know how they’re like over there…) It’s gonna be on smashwords too, so will link you up there! =) Thanks for the encouragement, mate!

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