50% off the Visiting Singapore Guidebook – only $3.50!

Hi guys

Just so you know, we’ve decided to give a 50% promotion for those who’re interested in the guidebook! It now costs only $3.50 – loose change!

If you could leave some positive reviews of the eguide on smashwords.com I would be so grateful as well. Of course, this means if you have any questions on Singapore, feel free to email me as the book suggests!

How to claim your awesome ebook:

Go to the book

When you are purchasing the ebook, use this coupon code: NM47J

Code expires 23 April 2012!




2 thoughts on “50% off the Visiting Singapore Guidebook – only $3.50!

  1. Darn – I missed the deadline. I don’t know how I missed this. My cousin is headed to Singapore in the next month and this may be useful. I will clue him in. On the other hand, he hasn’t come into this century and doesn’t have a single electronic device. Think trac phone – that’s as advanced as he’s gotten. Yikes! I’ll head over and check it out. 🙂

    • LOL I used to be like that – I stayed away from Facebook for a long time and didn’t have a smartphone till I met the wifey! =)

      Feel free to drop me a message if he has any questions about Singapore!

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