Moving is hard to do!

You know as you watch How I Met Your Mother or Friends or some long-standing tv sitcom (Lost not included, it’s just ridiculous), there comes a time when the group has to move on and leave their apartment they shared?

Touching, right?

What they left out: the hassle of packing, throwing old stuff away, FINDING a way to get rid of the stuff without wasting them.

I’m not one to get emotionally attached to things, although I believe u need to keep something from every milestone of your life. So throwing things away is second nature to me.

The pain comes when I’m looking for something one month down the road and I realised “oh! I threw that away before moving!”. That’s what’s bugging me when I’m packing to move.

But I still chucked everything away.

So far, I’ve just completed packing my clothes. It fits ONE cube box (2ft x 2ft x 2ft). But the amount of clothes I’m throwing / donating / giving it to the homeless guy across the street? TWO of those boxes. And I’ve already sieved out the unusables!

Well, I just hope these clothes find a better owner. I went on a spree just before I started my previous job. I was about 160lbs then. Now I’m 220lbs so I can’t fit those clothes anymore.

I’m trying to goad the wifey into the who-has-the-lesser-boxes challenge. I’m sure she’ll lose but she’s not taking the bait at the moment.

Maybe I should up the stakes to that Hermes bag she’s been gushing about. In return what should I asked for? I was thinking something really teenage-ish… Like a console game. Or maybe George Foreman bbq grill.

YEeaaahhhhh. BBQ Grill it is!


5 thoughts on “Moving is hard to do!

  1. I am going through a similar de-cluttering process. The hardest thing is to sift through the piles of books and throw away / give MOST of them. I suppose most of the things I have are bought on a need basis. I need a lot! I have decluttered most of my stuff. I think I have long stopped defining myself by the things I have, but the person I am – with all the glory of imperfection – and the person aspire to be.

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