I have finally moved… to an interim home.

And here I am, writing a blogpost from the (dis)comfort of a short-term rental, where the sofa is too small, the ceiling in too low and the sun is too bright.

Yes I know I’m just being difficult. But still, this was the wifey’s idea and I had no say (we had a discussion and she did the “okay, fine we’ll do it your way” which actually means “do it my way, or else!”)… So I’m actually being a 30-year old teenager.

We’re actually in a short-term rental as our buyer couldn’t delay his move-in date and we’re only getting the keys to our new home 3 weeks later. I consider us being in a limbo state right now.

And remember the competition (check my previous post)? The wifey – miraculously – managed to push down her number of boxes to 7! Which is same as my total, except her boxes are twice the size of mine. I’ll give her A for effort though… But since it’s a draw, I’m afraid there’s no winner (heheh).

But we’re both really excited about our new home! 3 more weeks!